If you’ve got an iPhone that’s jailbroken, and you want to use Google’s new Instant Search on it, follow the instructions I’ve laid out below:

1. In Cydia or Rock App, get “User Agent Faker”
2. Open your phone settings

3. Select User Agent Faker.  Choose “User Agent” and select Safari 5, then choose “Applications” and turn Safari to ON.


That’s it!  Close Safari on your phone (double tap your home button, long press on the safari icon, press the ‘”-“ icon to close it) and then when you reopen the browser, you can browse to www.google.com and use instant search.

Note:  Instant search is using Google’s tiered rollout process.  Your account might not work with it yet.  Give it time!


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  1. Good stuff Chris, under the hood shit for our iOS audience which rivals our Android base.

    I’ll be following this lead when my stomach recovers from my last red bull infusion.

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