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HTC Bliss, first Android smartphone for women? Nah, it’s Micromax Bling 2

HTC has made smartphones, dumbphones (HTC Smart, remember?), superphones and even a tablet but we weren’t as surprised as now, when we heard the rumor that HTC is working on an Android phone for women. Whether the phone will be actually released or not will depend on how good it does in the tests being done by loads of women. But, one thing is for sure, HTC Bliss can’t take the title “first Android smartphone especially made for women” because Micromax Mobile, an Indian domestic handset company is already ready to launch an Android smartphone which is especially made for women.

Bling 2, successor to Bling Q55 (feature phone) has a black and white body with some gems on it. And no, those gems are definitely not diamonds but Swarovski Zirconia gems which are considered as the best diamond look-alike.  So, if you dislike the whole idea of combining beauty with some grey cells, you might want to change your opinion.

Specs/features revealed so far:

  • Android 2.2 Froyo
  • 7.112cm multi touch capacitive screen
  • 3 Mega Pixel Camera
  • 3G enabled
  • 32GB external memory
  • Mi-Fi pocket wireless internet
  • GPS enabled

Micromax Mobile has already launched an android smartphone, A60 in India, which is by the way company’s first Android based phone. A60 is one of the most affordable smartphone available in Indian Market and Bling 2 seems to fit in that category as the expected price for it is around Rs. 8,000 (179 USD approx). If you happen to be from India you can pre-book this phone now on Bling 2’s micro site launched today.

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