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Nokia’s “The Amazing Calls” Commercial Is Epic!

Much in the way that Steve Jobs “got” consumers thanks to his artistic vision of products, Nokia’s advertising seems to get what is and what is not awesome when it comes to adverts.  The latest commercial, out for a short time in France, is called The Amazing Calls and it is indeed Epic!

Set to globally awesome music, loaded with competition to get ahead that is full of win and a clear theme The Amazing Calls serves only one purpose, make the Nokia Lumia 800 desirable.  To say that it does so is an understatement, people will be talking about this commercial for years.  In fact, this is the type of commercial that goes viral and ends up in the hearts and minds of consumers long after its shelf life has ended.

So I offer a tip of the hat to the folks over at NokiaFrance.  Epic is when others can’t get enough and this will be replayed many times over!

Source: WPCentral