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HTC HD2 Elegancia Custom ROM Update Coming!

I try out a lot of ROMS and for the most part, and what I attribute to the speed of the HTC HD2, they are all pretty good. I mainly stick with NRG’s ROMS because they are always good, provide great eye candy, and always work right out of the box. But I got turned on to the Elegancia Series ROM’s by XDA Member Steve0007 and I have been really impressed! The Elegancia ROM has been very stable and very fast. It has been trouble free since I downloaded it. (Disclaimer: I have not tested a ton of apps with it, but out of the box, it has been fantastic!) I have been using the 7/13 release of E-CHT ROM – 6.5 Base. So I have been keeping up with his thread and wanted to pass along that there will be an update coming tomorrow 7/28! He will be uploading all flavors of his ROMS including GTX, and Max Manila for those of you that like those versions. Here is what you can expect in the latest release:

28/07/2010: Elegancia V1 Final- Newest release

  • Release of Ex-CHT
  • Release of E-CHT
  • Release of E-GTX
  • Release of E-MaxSense

All Roms:

  • Updated to Facebook Tab 1.5
  • Updated to Anuvadak 1.1
  • Added colored End Key Application
  • Updated to Youtube link V2
  • changed the Manila moon
  • reverted back to previous Audio Manager (fix the Music Tab bug encountered by some users)
  • Added back Arkswitch (can be uninstalled in Remove Programs)
  • Updated the Settings Tab icons
  • Updated to GoogleMap 4.1.1
  • Added Whip2snap (application to take screenshots)
  • Added SenseTasks (Advice is to link CHT tasks to SenseTasks)

Specifically for E-CHT:

  • added colored Taskbar
  • added Softkeybar (Suggest you skin softkeybar and taskbar: how ? HomePage/Menu/set Wallpaper/Skin Taskbar and Softkeybar and select same wallpaper as the one you use in Manila tabs)
  • Added HTC Task Manager (can be uninstalled in Remove Programs)

Specifically for E-GTX:

  • Updated slider to Manbo VI transparent
  • Fixed twitter Tab

Specifically for E-MaxSense:

  • MaxSense 1.05
  • All MaxSense Themes are posted HERE

For more information and download links that will be uploaded tomorrow, head on over to XDA and visit this thread: Make sure to thank Steve for the effort!