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See More of Your Phone on Your PC

Many of you have realized that when connecting your phone over ActiveSync the Windows directory cannot be seen and there are other files that are hidden. Because of this, we’re often forced to do a lot of the changes on our phone using File Explorer or using apps like TotalCommander. There have been plenty of times where going to the Windows directory is needed (like changing the programs located in the Programs directory). Well Rainfreak of PPCGeeks was kind enough to give a set of step by step instructions on how to change this on our PC so we can see all files and the Windows directory and it’s actually embarrassingly easy.

Step 1:Go to Organize and click on Folder and Search Options 











Step 2: Go to the View tab and change the Hidden files and Folders option to ‘Show hidden files and folders’

Step 3: Uncheck the box for ‘Hide protected operating system files [Recommended]’ and click Yes to disregard the warning that pops up.

Step 4: Press OK to close out of the Folder Option settings and navigate to your Windows directory and then wait a few seconds cause just like doing this directly on the phone it takes a while to propagate.

And there we have it. Enjoy