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Will the Samsung Note replace the Dell Streak?

Everyone knows that I am a current iPhone owner. Not a fan boy though. After owning the iPhone 4 since December I have never been labeled as one, but I really like the device. But I also own other devices. If you follow my writing, you would know that one is the Dell Streak. I have been a closet user of the device since it was released and occasionally pop in the ol’ iPhone SIM card and take it out for a walk. It’s big, but I like the experience and the Streak is a seriously well made piece of hardware. The Gorilla Glass is very reassuring and the processor continues to hold it’s own. I also like the cult community carved out with our celebrity ROM Developer DJ_Steve. There are a few others that have made some very cool ROMs like Simple Streak, but there is a great group still committed to it.

The Dell Steak goes EOL on August 11th. Not a very big surprise. Sales weren’t there and pricing continued to drop. Carrier support from AT&T was as usual at it’s worst with Froyo taking months after the Dell unlocked versions getting theirs. A serious hurdle for the Dell Streak to overcome was the Android 1.6 operating system it launched with.

So now what? HTC is getting ready to launch the 4.7 inch screen Eternity for Windows Phone fans, Samsung already has the Infuse 4.5 inch screen for Android. None of those will step up and replace the Dell Streak mini 5. The device caught between a tablet and a phone. Tabone? A Phoblet? Maybe not.

Today we have some pretty exciting news in the wake of the Dell Streak exit stage right from the mobility scene. The Samsung Galaxy Note. As Kristofer wrote about this morning, the Samsung Galaxy Note, a 5.3 inch HD Super AMOLED screen device packs a 1280 x 800 screen punch! Slightly bigger than the Streak’s 5 inch screen and way WAY nicer!








So let’s measure these bad boys up.

The Dell Streak measures: 152.9 x 79.1 x 10 mm and weights 220g

The Samsung Galaxy Note measures: 146.85 x 82.95 x 9.65 mm and weighs (n/a)

The tale of the tape? The SGN is actually 6.05 mm or .24 inches shorter than the the Streak. The bad news is the SGN is wider with the bigger and better screen by 3.85 or .15 of an inch. This does not seem like much, and it’s not, but the primary problem I had with the Streak as a daily driver is that I could not wrap my hand around it for smooth one handed commuter use. It’s a two hander to do anything with these devices. Yeah, it’s to be expected, but for me, keeping it small enough for one handed traveling use is a key.

The SGN will also come out of the box with the latest OS and a heap of new software from Samsung. Android Gingerbread version 2.3 will great you when you fire the Note up for the first time. A much more developed OS that I have really liked on the Droid 3 I have been using. Samsung is also adding a lot of their own enhancements to the SGN like TouchWiz and and other software to support the stylus that will come equipped. Whoa! Wait! Did I say stylus? Heel yeah! check the video out below and behold stylus goodness once more and some of the cool things you can do with it.

So what are you thinking people? Is the Samsung Galaxy Note going to replace the Dell Streak Community or will the Gorilla Glass beast hang around awaiting another successor? I know we have some closet Streak fans out there. Drop a comment and let us know what you think.