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HTC Ville shows off Sense 4.0 running Ice Cream Sandwich

As we prepare for MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona ,Spain Feb 27th through Mar 1st, we are already bracing ourselves for the leaked devices to be shown off for the first (cough) time. Such is the case with the new HTC 1.5GHz dual core processor device now called the “Ville”. Some leaked video is showing off it’s it’s very slim form factor as well as 4.3” qHD screen. Especially of interest is Sense 4.0 running on an Android Ice Cream Sandwich build of 4.0.1. Sense look great and I especially miss the Windows Mobile days of having this user interface. Watch the video and check out how thin the Ville is. At 8mm thick, this thing is seriously smelt. HTC didn’t move too far from center in the design as this looks an awful lot like their current work, especially that of the Titan. 8mp Rear shooter, VGA front, 1GB of RAM, BT 4.0 and HTC has built some serious specs into this device. Hopefully it is the same 8mp camera out of the current Titan Windows Phone. Very nice indeed!


[source: HTC-Hub]