We got a glimpse of the Desire HD a couple days ago.  Now we have a whole video giving us a quick tour of her exterior along with the HTC Schubert’s.  I must say, after looking at the Schubert, the back of the Desire HD looks rather unimaginative and boring. 

The grey area appears to be either smooth plastic or aluminum with the dark matte black areas looking like soft-touch plastic.  I really dislike how the camera lens protrudes out like that.  All in all it looks very similar to the EVO 4G minus the kickstand.  I think I prefer the look of the EVO 4G to this, and I definitely like the Schubert most out of the three. 



Forgot to add the video.  It was 3AM and I wasn’t 100% here.  Sorry guys.

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  1. what’s up with the blurriness in the upper left corner of the phone? what are they trying to hide?

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