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HTC’s HD2 reinvents itself once more with Mango

Easily the most versatile device ever created from  developers standpoint has reinvented itself once. The HTC HD2 which originally came to the party dressed in Windows Mobile shed it’s clothing and wore more operating systems than any other device we can think of. Of course the Android ports are now legendary, and Ubuntu has been spotted as well. There is even a MeeGo movement on XDA trying to get some traction. But what about the fruit goodness we all have been talking about coming soon to a Windows Phone device near you? We are talking about Mango and you can add that to the list of HD2 operating systems that have been ported over.

XDA member HD2Owner is the developer for “the world’s first hd2 green mango (five languages) – DFT Mango Build 7592” This is a fully functioning ROM that even though is still in a Beta stage, has very few issues other than the MArketplace not working and HTML 5 in this build is not functional. Check out these videos and see for yourself:

So what does Microsoft have to say about some “enthusiastic” developers getting their hands on the Mango Build and porting it over to the HD2?:

“We say tinker away with Mango and enjoy the juice,” Microsoft spokesman Bill Cox said in a statement to AllThingsD. “But beware the fine print — unlocking phones may void your warranty.”

Microsoft has always said that Mango would be a free update to all existing Windows Phones as soon as it was officially released after being tested. This is a 180 from the days long past when  Windows Mobile ports were always catching heat on XDA. Maybe even a glimmer of hope in some peoples eyes who would see the Redmond giant in a far less positive light. Regardless, everyone agrees that making mango available to developers will only help Microsoft come back to the party and contend with the Android Kool Aid drinkers as well as iPhone (cough) fan boys.

While it was necessary to part with my beloved T9391, it still has a place etched my heart. For all you current HD2 owners, enjoy the power of the developer community as the HD2 continues to reinvent itself over and over again.

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