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NoDo Rolls Out For Dell Venue Pro, Firmware Fix Comes Separately

0383.Work-Stuff-041_thumb_0A30C7B7We Venue Pro owners have been waiting patiently for Dell to fix our crashing and RAM woes. There was hope that maybe Dell would roll their fix into the NoDo release. Dell has now said on Direct2Dell that the Dell specific update will be deployed separately from the NoDo update. NoDo started rolling out a few days ago, but the Dell update has no ETA as of now. I don’t know about other Venue Pro owners, but I could care less about NoDo. I just want my Dell update!

So to clarify now, there will be 3 separate updates for Venue Pro owners. The pre-NoDo update which started going out a few days ago. The NoDo update which started on March 29, and the Dell specific update which will hopefully fix the crashing and RAM issues. I like that Dell is “working” on fixing things, but April is almost upon us. I think Dell needs to pick up the pace a bit.


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