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I Hate To Do This But…Is Lightning Real?

Just looking at the Dell Lightning leaks some more (sorry but it’s better than the other stuff on the net right now:)). Few weird things. It continually refers to the OS as “Windows Mobile 7”. That doesn’t exist. It’s Windows Phone 7. And yes, Windows Mobile appears 3 times on the same page.

Then there are the pictures of the music player. Except that’s Zune not Windows Phone 7. There’s no NUI – the words should bleed to the next page and the word ‘History’ should be on the next tab. See them side by side.

Then it says “fully integrated Zune and Zune Marketplace”. That’s not true. WP7 is not going to integrate with Zune Marketplace. They’ll have separate marketplaces.

Then there are the Bing pics. Notice on the left the word ‘search’ and on the right ‘menu’. That doesn’t exist because Metro is all pictures – not words. And ‘search’ wouldn’t make sense anyway. You have a dedicated ‘search’ button plus there’s a search button at the end of the text input box. On the right you again see a series of symbols and icons that are not present in WP7’s version of Bing (at least as far as I’ve seen).

And the main Bing page is off. The left is from the ‘leak’ and the right is from WP7. Hey but look on the left – it has a little mic picture for voice input.The Metro look is off as are the menu boxes which don’t exist because they should appear in the next Bing page.


And WP7 doesn’t have Active Sync. It syncs with Exchange directly. The term ‘ActiveSync’ ceases to exist with WP7.


They don’t mention a flash, but I’m thinking it may be one right under the sensor. GPS should be AGPS. They refer to an “e-compass’ when it’s typically called a digital compass. Take a look at the buttons too and compare it to the Thunder (Android). It’s hard to tell if there’s a power button on top or not or what’s on the upper left side. It’s a close call on button count and location though.

Anyway, this is like trying to find Waldo. What do you guys think? Early mockup using renderings and concepts or is this just a Photoshop job?

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