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Cookie’s Home Tab update.

 For all you WinMo Sense UI lovers out there, the most awesome mod on the block has gotten a pretty substantial update.  No vast differences in function but the guys at XDA have shoved a lot more polish and some extra function into the latest release.  For those of you not already acquainted with Cookie’s Home Tab (CHT) it’s an all in one Sense home screen tweaker.  From lock screens, to wallpapers and animations it has everything you need to get your info from the bowels of  the phone menu system abyss directly to the home screen.  Read on for a change log, install links, and some minor direction.

So instead of just swiping upwards on the Sense home screen once for a list of quick shortcuts to applications you can keep swiping up or down to reveal fully customizable screens that you can populate with anything from app grids, clocks with/without weather, tasks (new feature), notifications, etc.  Touchflo was a pain in the ass to modify to your liking but with Sense we’ve seen a lot more effort to make these changes functional in the hands of the average smartphone user (well, average WinMo user anyway.)  If you’ve never used this before then it will be easy to get going.  Just go HERE and HERE and install both (XDA username required). 

The first is the actual home screen modification and the second is the editor that makes all the difficult changes for you.  If you’ve got this cooked into your ROM then go ahead and install as well.  If you’ve installed a previous version the author wants you to uninstall, soft reset, then install for best results.  Don’t be lazy and mess up your own phone when you’ve been warned.  Both programs integrate into one another so well that I doubt you’ll be able to tell when you’re switching between them.  The whole package works nicely, although the lock screens are a little glitchy and slow.  It could be my incredibly old Fuze or the fact this was made for the HD2, but I just don’t use them and it works like a charm.  Here is the change log for the new CHT:

-[new] many lockscreen improvements
-[new] new quick link types: switches, notifications and misc
-[new] wallpaper controls: home, all tabs, lockscreen
-[new] wide scrolling home wallpaper
-[new] 4 home levels and landscape are customizable
-[new] tasks
-[new] new list control for appointments and tasks (unlimited item count)
-[new] anything will hide behind the expanded app/tasks list (not just quick links)
-[new] music player with 3 layouts
-[new] text color settings
-[new] analog clock is x-axis movable and resizable
-[speed] significant boost to quick links animation speed/smoothness
-[change] tab slider is now always visible on white submenus (related to retractable slider)
-[fixed] many lockscreen related problems
-[fixed] highlights that stick
-[fixed] second hand freezing
-[removed] animated wallpapers (not weather wallpapers, just the 3 animated ones)