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I’m A WP7 Gets An Update

Marketplace rolled out v1.3.0 of I’m A WP7 yesterday, a social app that brings the Windows Phone community together. Once registered, you can see how many WP users are near you or search anywhere in the world. Or try Surprise Me and let the app select a location with WP7 users almost anywhere. Database now totals nearly 4700 users in more than 84 countries. The app has moved up to #7 in the Marketplace Social category (241 overall), and has a solid 4 star rating. Some of the new features of this version include:

  • Ability to use a custom name for identification
  • Selection from a collection of avatars to identify your spot on the map
  • Messaging feature to send a short message to any other WP7 user around the globe
  • Options to allow/prevent user or group messaging
  • Pie charts highlighting total users and top regions
  • Search WP developers in your area and automatically search Marketplace for their apps


Future updates will include; theme support for AMOLED/SAMOLED screen, integration with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and more stats. The app is free and only takes a few seconds to register. You can identify yourself “In the Cloud”, by Postal Code or GPS Location. One AT&T Sales Rep has reported that when selling WP7 devices, he installs I’m a WP7 right there in the store to show customers the other WP7 users around them. Nice idea.




You can find the app in Marketplace / Social here or by searching for …i’m a WP7 on your phone.