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I’m Doubting If The Focus Has Gorilla Glass

imageWay back in November Samsung stated that the Samsung Focus does use Gorilla Glass. In fact, on their site they have a little Q&A:

Does the display use Gorilla Glass?
yes. the Samsung Focus does use Gorilla glass

Not really sure there can be any confusion on the issue, right? Well personal experience dictates otherwise. See, I’m super careful with my phones. I actually keep my phone in my pocket and nothing else goes in there. And I’ve had phones dating back to the Treo 600 with a lot softer resistive screens and even a Blackjack with a flat plastic front and I’ve never scratched the face of any of my phones. Until my Focus.

I have a small scratch that’s maybe 1/4” long but it’s only visible if you’re at an angle or if you’re on some screen (the games hub solid green does the trick). I can stick my nail in it tough and it’s definitely there and that annoys me.

And I’m not alone. Parkpy over at XDA has the same experience at me. Now to refute that, plenty of people say they take keys to their screens and nothing happens. Anyway, if you’re a Samsung Focus user, share your experience. Do you think it’s Gorilla Glass?