Even though this is from Samsung’s own mouth, I still feel the urge to file this under rumor…but it couldn’t be any more explicit. Man I feel so much better about not using a screen protector.


  1. I hate using cases or screen protectors unless absolutely necessary. Haven’t had any problems with the focus yet and am glad to hear it possibly has gorilla glass. Time will tell

  2. Hi everybody. I’m a Portuguese fan of SAMSUNG Omnia 7 and I would like to know if it has also the Gorilla glass (like it brother FOCUS from the US)?

  3. Well nothing on the site for HTC so I will stick with my screen protector even though I am not tapping it all day with a stylus. Just makes me sleep better.

  4. @adp: the iPhone is flawed- all tempered glass has a weakness- the edges. If you tap the edge of tempered glass it shatters even though the face can take the grunt…that’s why the Focus (and most phones) still wrap the edge so the glass isn’t exposed.

  5. @Ed D.: Can we enlist an AT&T sales rep to sneak in the backroom and video the testing on the Focus? anybody? anybody? You’ll be our hero!

  6. Are you guys kidding, the focus would probably shatter leaving the glass intact. I don’t know about you but if I bought the focus the last thing I would be worried about is the glass. Get a form fitting case and forget the screen protector (although I’m anal and will be buying one for the venue pro gorilla glass).

  7. Its a bunch of bull about that glass it don’t make it strong at all mine got knocked off my bed side table and it was a small fall but it broke right crossed all my buttons and only had it a week

  8. @Jeremiah: I agree with you. I’ll liely post on this tonight. I have a scratch on my screen too and this is the first screen I’ve ever scratched and it’s glass! The past resistive screens were plastic and I never scratched them. I cry foul

  9. I can attest that the Gorilla glass is not so helpful. Samsung focus, 1 week old, no case yet, came out of my shirt pocket, fell from 3 ft as I was bending over, hit the edge, marred up the plastic case and shattered the glass. I had dropped my Iphone G, GS and 4 so many times without a case I forgot what it was to have a phone that was so delicate. Parts are hard to find and even though I love the phone and the OS, 1 week of ownership I am not real happy about a $150-200 repair bill.

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