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Bike Mania and Top Trucks Go Free for Windows Phones

Both Bike Mania and Top Trucks (both from ltd) are now available in a free version for Windows Phones. You likely know the games but let’s go through them again:

The original and most popular bike game, with MILLIONS of online plays, comes to Windows Phone 7!
– Real-time biking engine.
– Bike across challenging levels.
– Race against your ghost whilst improving your best time!
Support the developers by purchasing the full version!



Next up is Top Truck:

Ever dreamed of crushing cars in a bad boy monster truck? Now you can in Top Truck! Send the crowd to fever pitch as you crush cars, destroy terrain & grab bonus points! Search for hidden routes within the levels to finish in style!
Support the developers by purchasing the pro version!
o Race through the ARENA stage!
o Different trucks available to unlock in-game!
o Crazy, kooky and kickass levels!
o Massive levels means there is room for loads of different hidden paths. Can you find them all?
o Check out our very own CROWDOMETER to measure just how HYPED or booored the crowd is. Keep CRUSHING CARS and HOUSES to keep them wowed!
o Full ACCELEROMETER and SLIDER control.

You can find the free version of Bike Mania here and Top Truck here and both are in Marketplace in an ad free version for just $.99 as well.