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I’m Onmaway!

Onmaway is supposed to mean ‘On My Way’, but it’s the cute name of this new app that I think is very useful as it helps curb the dreaded texting and driving habit of you goofy people out there. yes you’re not all goofy, just the ones that text and drive are, I can’t stand you personally. I see you weaving around with your phone up on the steering wheel while you’re texting that oh so important message. Is it that important that you risk your life and the lives of others on the road? I don’t think it is, you’re not that important and neither is your text message, I think it can wait until you get to where you’re going…  Yeah, rant over.. this new app called Onmaway is a simple way to automatically let people know your location or where you are in route to your destination. I think it should be standard on all phones personally…



Ka Pow Interactive, LLC, a privately held mobile software development company, is pleased to announce the launch of its location sharing iPhone® app Onmaway on Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Onmaway is a simple way to automatically let other people know a user’s location over time, whether it be their spouse for 20 minutes or their social network for the length of a cross-country trip. The app allows users to send a link to friends and family via text, email, and social media that lets them to track the user’s location on any web browser.

The app was inspired after a friend of founder Jeff Ferguson received a traffic ticket for texting while driving. Onmaway is designed to help people avoid the dangerous practice of texting updates to friends and family while driving. “People don’t realize that the simple act of texting, ‘I’m on the way,’ can distract you long enough to cause a serious accident,” says Ferguson.

Recent studies show that over 25% of all accidents are caused by “distracted driving” and that number increases with teen drivers. Texting while driving is now banned in over 39 states and more states are passing legislation against this dangerous practice. With the help of Onmaway, users can simply let the app update their friends and family without ever having to touch their phones while behind the wheel.

“Apps that shut down texting by drivers completely are one solution,” continued Ferguson, “but people are still going to want to communicate with their friends and family.”

Now, using the Onmaway app, parents can let their family watch their progress as they drive home from work; kids can let their parents track their progress as they walk home from school; parents can watch their college age kids drive across country to their new campus; friends can watch as their friends move to a new city or state; business people can update their co-workers with their progress on their way to meetings; friends can let their friends know when they are on the way to a meet up for dinner or a show, and much more.

Tracking services from cell service providers can cost $20 or more a month, but Onmaway is only a one time charge of $1.99 – much cheaper than a ticket for texting while driving. Onmaway is available for the iPhone in the Apple iTunes App Store. Versions for Droid and Windows phones will be available soon.

“Technology created the hazard of texting while driving,” says Ferguson, “It is technology’s responsibility to solve the problem.”

To celebrate the launch of Onmaway, Ka Pow Interactive is giving away an Apple® iPad. Visit for more information.






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