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iMap – 3D Campus Map For WP7 Previewed

iMap is a project by Duncan McGregor for the University of Otago in New Zealand where he’s taken Bing maps and added a layer of 3D buildings to create an interactive map. Selecting the buildings even provides information about them, like the name, the courses taught there, etc. Well he’s started to test it out in a WP7 environment and while it still needs optimization, it’s working. So 3D buildings appear and you can change the pitch it is viewed at. You can even load building floor plans in 3D, which you can rotate. I love projects like this because even though I’ve never heard of the University of Otago, that doesn’t mean this same type of implementation can’t happen at local campuses and even buildings in major cities or amusement parks, etc.

More information is available at This is a Silverlight project.

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