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Infinity Blade Dungeons coming soon to the New iPad

We saw some of this during the Apple announcement for the iPad on Wednesday and now here is a teaser for everyone who is on the fence about getting the new version of the iPad. Epic Games  president Mike Capp took the covers off his own surprise with the prequel to the Infinity Blade series that we are currently enjoying on the iPad version one and two. The second version of Infinity Blade dazzled the senses as it’s graphics where simply awesome. I have greatly enjoyed the game and how every detail on the screen is just perfect. And now we have a new game from Epic to coincide with the release of the new iPad which will make use it’s new “retina display” with resolution of 2048×1536 and packing 264 pixels per square inch, the Epic artists have a brilliant canvas to work on. Did I forget to mention the Quad Core GPU? The new dual core CPU of the A5X will provide the horsepower needed to make game play on the iPad  impressive.

So before the forging of the Infinity Blade, thousands of years before, an apprentice weaponsmith started out on a quest to forge the mighty weapon. You will notice that the game play in the teaser below is different than both Infinity Blade games which should make for uncharted waters and a totally new experience. And once again, the graphics and attention to detail appear flawless. No release date has been announced and other than this teaser, there is not a lot of other details. Stay tuned as we wait for the official website to launch and divulge more information about Infinity Blade: Dungeons by Epic.

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