imageApple is really sitting on a pile of cash – $76.2b in fact. Meanwhile the US Treasury has a cash balance of $73.8b. Just think about that. Yes Apple is the king right now, but more cash than the US government? It’s just crazy. That’s enough cash to pretty much buy almost any other company they want to acquire or any suppliers they would need. Impressive…and scary.

via CNN


  1. Hey nice! Go Apple, go Steve! And this is in a non-holiday non-iPhone/MacBook Air refresh phase (all three of which are on their way).

    Normally I’d quickly hand the credit exclusively to Steve Jobs and Apple, but this time I have to applaud the birther movement. And by birther movement, I really mean rednecks, racists, Fox News fans, those who party with tea a lot and one of Obama’s parents for being too dark skinned for the South and the politicians who pander to them. Without all that stuff, Apple would not have taken the lead. Don’t tell me that’s not true just because it sounds ugly. Maybe start a book club of everyone who fits into that group about credit ratings for dummies and the United States will dethrone Apple as having more cash on hand.

  2. And Murali before you tell me I crossed the line right there, keep in mind that David K opened the door by bringing up the debt ceiling.

  3. yes but i think the treasury spends that much every day and gets it back in taxes so the gov has a million times more in cash than apple

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