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Infinity Blade III Expands ClashMob Game Play

Back on September 10th when the iPhone 5C and 5S were being announced we got another surprise from Epic Games who dropped that Infinity Blade III would be released at the same time iOS 7 would be rolled out, September 18th.

Infinity Blade III–Reborn Announced

Making use of the new Apple iPhone 5S’s A7 64 bit chip which is said to have taken Chair Entertainment who is owned by Epic Games just two hours to convert over to the new chipset. So besides stunning graphics and amazing game play Infinity Blade III will expand on ClashMobs that was introduced in Infinity Blade II.


ClashMobs will no longer be in a separate menu screen for starters. It is now integrated into the world map to bring the two closer together. I always felt that it was two different games in one and often got frustrated with ClashMobs because the achievements were not always so difficult to accomplish, but waiting on the mass hordes of people necessary to accomplish the task never seemed to happen. So here are the new three types of ClashMobs:

Trials are solo tests of skill that earn you Battle Chips or Gold. Challenges include parrying as many strikes as possible, landing perfect blocks, and surviving an overpowered boss for as long as possible. Each attempt is ranked as Bronze, Silver, or Gold. The better you do, the better your reward.

ClashMobs are cooperative battles where large groups of players work together to meet the target goal. The new ClashMobs have several stages. The Mob must complete one stage to reach the next, earning better and better rewards as they go. To get the coolest gear, the Mob will have to beat each stage quickly before the timer on the overall event runs out.

Aegis Tournaments are special competitive events. Each stage presents a new battle with players attempting to post high scores. As a stage ends, only the top qualifying players move on. In the end, only a few will make it to the final stage, where the greatest items in Infinity Blade await.

The game hits the App Store September 18th and will be downloaded right after I finish updating all my devices to iOS 7. Infinity Blade III will set you back $6.99. Chump change, but it!