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TMo HD2 ROM Update Official – AT&T Users Rejoice

The TMo HD2 ROM is now officially official. For those of you who downloaded the ‘leaked’ ROM it’s exactly the same. Before getting into the details, I just want to note that having installed it on my HD2 that’s SIM unlocked and used on AT&T I can tell you that my signal strength has been dramatically improved. I was having issues in a few locations where my signal was hovering at a single bar and now I’m 4 bars there. The reason is likely the change in radio…the same one some TMo users are complaining has been resulting in jumps between one and four bars. Well, as an AT&T user all I know is it’s good for me:) I also only have 4 days to get my Bing cashback so all-in-all it’s a good deal.

Getting back to it, the details are unchanged but there are a few new things we’ve learned and a few things in this ROM that are new. First off, multitouch appears to be enabled in more applications now. In the inbox, within emails, in file explorer, Albums (the MS version, not HTC version) pinching now works to zoom. If you do it in your inbox, for example, it zooms in and you get an overview image at the bottom of the screen so you can pan around the page. Not sure I’d ever need it in my inbox, but it’s there. When viewing pics it actually works well to help navigate around a zoomed in photo though. I also recommend a soft reset after installing this ROM as a few things initially didn’t work properly (like YouTube wouldn’t load videos) but a soft reset fixed that. Swype is improved and tapping/holding to get symbols/numbers works a lot better, but I still suggest changing the default settings for better results. Also Opera 9.7 is the default so to zoom you need to pinch to zoom – a single tap to zoom works in Opera 10.

Overall I like the ROM. But now for the bad. From their release statement:

  • If you have rented a movie from BLOCKBUSTER On Demand, your rental will no longer be available after the update, therefore you may wish to watch any rented movies prior to initiating the update. There is not an option to receive credit for the rental or to re-rent the movie without paying the standard fee. You will still have access to your purchased movies, but you will need to download the movie files again. Reminder: A Wi-Fi connection is needed to download movies.
  • The HTC HD2 comes bundled with several demo games, including Ferrari GT Evolution, Millionaire 2010, and Prince of Persia. Regrettably, if you have purchased the full versions of one of these games, you will need to re-purchase them at the standard cost following the software update. This is a result of the software update initiating a master reset of the device. Note: this only affects the above listed games and will not affect other games installed on the microSD card.

    Pretty not cool. Didn’t apply for me so no biggie but if it does I bet yelling at customer service will get it fixed;)

    To upgrade go to: and type in the first 15 digits of you IMEI (even though it’s 17 digits). if you’ve taken the plunge share your thoughts.