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Introducing the Nokia Asha 210

Embedded image permalinkRemember that sneak peak at a qwerty phone that many correctly surmised was an Asha device and not a Windows Phone device? Well here it is. It is Nokia’s newest phone that features a variety of eye-popping colors and a physical qwerty keyboard.It’ll cost $72 USD.

The Asha 210 is designed to be the most social-centric phone yet for Nokia. It even includes a dedicated WhatsApp button on the front of the device just below the screen. There is also a version (depending on what market you’re in) that swaps out the WhatsApp button with a Facebook button. Both versions of the phone includes Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp built in. I’d pick one up for a backup phone if I had the chance because you can’t beat that $72 price tag.

Video: Nokia’s YouTube Page