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iOS App Scanner Pro by Readdle Free Right Now

Everyone loves a great deal and there is no better than “free”. Right now at the App Store Scanner Pro by Readdle is free which is normally priced at $7. I went ahead and grabbed and after reading through the description and reviews will not be too disappointed. Scanner Pro by Readdle basically allows you to take a photo of a physical document or receipt and then it’s algorithmic abilities allow it to remove shadows, make scans sharper and correct perspective. So basically if you were scanning an invoice to save for future warranty needs Scanner Pro by Readdle would center the invoice perfectly, remove shadows and take out all of the wrinkles and folds that may be apparent in a physical invoice handed or mailed to you. The document can then be uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote and any other WebDAV enabled online storage.

Head on over to the App Store right away and take advantage of this free software for a limited time.
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