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iPad 2 roaring to go!!!

Andrew Wray from that there will be not 1, not 2, but 3 different versions of the much anticipated iPad 2 released in 2011.  (1) Wi-fi only model (2) UMTS 3G models and (3) CDMA.  Yes that is right, CDMA suckas!!! Verizon will have a tricky but enjoyable decision to make.  Do you offend your Android carrying, 30 Day expiration date phone rotating customers because the big daddy comes to town? Do they play that “everyone is created equal” angle?  Probably in the end we’ll get that much cherished and totally craptastic “each child is special in their own way” cliché.  You know the kind, when you have a genius and overachiever and then you have a kid so dumb he couldn’t recite walk and chew gum at the same kind.

Well the iOS ecosystem is poised to get larger and exponentially fast.  Welcome to the future America where Apple is the new Evil Empire kicking tail and taking names!!!

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