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iPhone 5 Delayed until fall 2011? [UPDATED]

applewwdc2011Looks like Apple is taking a page from Microsoft and will delay the launch of the iPhone 5 pending the release of iOS 5 coming this fall. As it all plays out, Apple has just announced the WWDC2011 coming to San Francisco June 6-10 and is said to be making software the key. It is being heavily rumored that Apple will unveil their cloud services and point to a fall release date of iOS 5. If in fact iOS 5 is coming in the fall it stands to very good reason that Apple will be delaying their flagship Post PC Device, the iPhone which would come loaded with iOS 5. Joining the iPhone with a late 2011 release would be the iPad 3 which was also rumored even before the launch of the iPad 2 that many have yet to get their hands on.

The new iOS 5 before people start complaining about waiting on a 4 inch Retina iPhone 5, will  not only integrate the Apple Cloud Services, but also be a complete rework of the Operating System. I personally am not a big fan of widgets but  there are some hints of lock screen improvements, as well as notification (which Apple Sucks at) enhancements. Definitely some interesting things to perk our interests, but not enough to make me wait for the friggen’ iPhone 5! I am still running iOS 4.1 (untethered jailbreak) and loving the speed and performance hacks I already have. I would like to see Apple just release the iPhone 5 with the hardware advances we know that will be included like A5 Dual core processor and that much anticipated, but still rumored 4 inch Retina Display! Roll out iOS 5 in the fall or whenever you want to. I just want the screen and will use my Google Cloud services in the mean time. My fear is that the iPhone 5 rolls out, it’s a must have  based on the screen and processor, but the cloud based OS is a nightmare to jailbreak similar to the problems Windows Phone 7 hackers had with Microsoft. Not saying it will be impossible (is anything impossible for hackers?) but it will take some time to get all my Cydia Goodness back on my iPhone 5.

So that’s the Apple rumor mill for today folks:

  1. WWDC2011 will focus on software including Apple’s Cloud services.
  2. iOS 5 to be released in the Fall
  3. iPhone 5 and iPad 3 to be released with the shiny new revamped iOS 5
  4. Apple fans waiting for a bigger screen pissed off for the delay.

We will keep you posted on any other rumors that seem relevant, but for now have fun with the comments and await Ramon’s guaranteed response of Apple Disgust. He has already spammed the WWDC2011 Mobility Digest email chaos chain! LMAO!

[UPDATE] just got a tip from someone close to Best Buy and they were saying that the iPhone 5 is on the plan-o-gram for July. This would help out the rumors that that the iPhone 5 was in final production etc. Perhaps we might see the iPhone 5 hardware upgrade and iOS 5 to follow shortly after as an update. Keep your eyes peeled and let us know of any news or hot tips.