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iPhone 5 rumor roadmap

We had a lengthy debate about posting rumors. We concluded where it’s great for clicks and getting Google all hot and bothered by putting anything iPhone 5 in the title, I am not that big on it, hence, I posted very little about it. I think I am working on the fairly legitimate understanding that the next iPhone will have a larger screen (about time), an updated radio (call dropping a thing of the past?) and a new operating system iOS 5. We all know it will come out 4th quarter of this year, October time frame. Okay, so we all went about our lives and waited for the next engineer for Apple to toss down a few drinks at a bar and lose another one. (True story, or at least the scandal was true).

Today I ran across the work of Infographic ( that did a really cool job at tracking all of the rumors that have started regarding the iPhone 5 since the release of the iPhone 4 and putting them in a time line. They even went so far as to categorize each hit on the time line with a Fact, Rumor, or Correction identify so you could easily make your way through all the news about the iPhone 5. When is it coming out? Who knows, but my guess is….when Apple is ready! LOL


















































[infographic via gottabemobile]