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iPhone 5 to Run Android ?!? What?!

Yes that’s not true, the iPhone 5 will not be running Android, but it’s a catchy headline isn’t it?  It’s just one of the rumors that was floating around about the new iPhone 5 and our friends at Mobile Fun put together a top ten list as it were of iPhone 5 rumors and I just thought I’d share I with you so you could check it out for yourself… My favorite is the ‘quote’ from Tim Cook: “iOS was holding us back… [We] decided to reskin Android with brushed aluminum and call it a day.” Speaking to journalists later, he remarked “No one will notice anyway.”


Number 10 is just a plug for Mobile Fun of course but the other nine are rumors that were floating around.

When you get a chance stop on over and read the whole list of true and false rumors about the new iPhone 5:

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