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iPhone 5S Meets Demise From A .50 Caliber Rifle.

iphone-5s-50-cal-testNothing is ever as god as we would want it to be and such is the case from Apple with the iPhone 5S. As someone who just likes all gadgets and would not consider myself a hater of any platform, it has been a brutal week of listening to the pissing and moaning going on from the friends of other mobile device platforms, especially the Windows folks.So for their sake do I post the following video taken from the folks at RatedRR who decided it would be great fun to first drop the iPhone 5S a few times and rate it’s super ball characteristics and then drown the damn thing in a bowl of water. Turns out the iPhone 5S survived all these tests which was just a precursor to the real test which would ultimately mean it’s final demise. A  Barrett Model 82A1 military rifle.

Not sure much would stand up to this beastie of modern day warfare and I surely would not want to be on the business end of the .50 cal like the poor 5S ended up being. The first round passed straight through the device like a hot knife through butter. Cauterizing the wound and not even knocking the 5S off the Apple Docking Station. The glass shrapnel was cool as the bullet passed through the device.The second shot was low and I almost call it a miss and hit the table which “Blew the shit” out of the rest of the iPhone’s internal workings.

If we could all take moment of silence as we wish the iPhone 5S peace in the after life. Okay that’s enough. It’s hard to concentrate with all the Windows Phone fans snickering and laughing hysterically.

Check out the video and find your own Apple destructive satisfaction at the end of the  Barrett Model 82A1 military rifle terminating the iPhone 5S brilliant carrier as antagonist to competing mobile platform fan boys.

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