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iPhone owner hacks New York’s Times Square Video Screens!

repeaterThis is simply awesome! Totally illegal and gutsy, but awesome none the less. A hacker using an iPhone has build in a transmitter using 3.5mm headphone jack of an iPhone 4 that sends recorded video to a repeater that allows the hacker to take over a video screen within close proximity of the repeater. The result of his efforts is excellent video quality on even the largest of Times Square’s video screens that he uses a large helium balloon to lift the repeater up to.

Check out the video below.


UPDATE: IT’S A HOAX:) Well it has to be. Look at this from :35 into the video (noted in the comments on YT). See the screen in back? It’s already playing the video so he paid for this content to be on the advertising loop. I bet we’ll find out why he wanted to do a viral video soon enough: