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Apple’s videos used in the iPhone media event are live

If you were not one of the ones in attendance at the Apple iPhone media even today at Apple Headquarters, then here are some of the videos that the attendees were shown. The first is a 5 minute run down of the iPhone 4S which was the only device released today and the changes made to it. Featuring the A5 dual core processor currently used in the iPad 2, the A5 claims to be twice as fast as the CPU it’s replacing, the A4. The video goes on to explain the other significant hardware change and that is of the all new 8 megapixel camera.

  • iOS 5 with 200 new features, iCloud which is a very cool new feature to iOS 5
  • Siri, which will only be available to 4S devices, is the personal attendant that is getting a lot of praise from those who have ad a chance to play with it.
  • The iPhone 4S also introduces a new technology that allows the device to switch between antennas to transmit and receive calls. A world phone, the 4S is now equipped with CDMA as well as GSM.

The second video goes into greater detail about iCloud.What’s really cool about iCloud is now you will need to relay on iTunes even less. (pause for sigh of relief) When you buy a song from your iPhone let say, it is automatically uploaded to your other iOS devices like your iPad. Pictures also now wirelessly sync to your PC so physically hooking the cable to your computer is the a thing of the past when moving images. Apple is going to give you the first 5gb of iCloud free, and charging for several tiers of additional storage from there. Check out iCloud here: 

The third and last video breaks down Siri, the new iPhone personal attendant. This is actually another really cool part of iOS 5. Simply ask Siri a question in a normal voice and in a complete sentence as you would ask one of your friends or colleagues and you it will reply back. The weather is a really popular question it seems and that is illustrated of course. But one of the real life things I see that happens to me is when I get a text message from my wife with my on the way home instructions. I can ask Siri to read my text messages, tell Siri to reply to the text message and tell Siri what to say and send. Then while in the middle of that process, set reminders to go to Walmart and pick up medicine at the pharmacy for example. Check out the video below for more on Siri, a name I think you will be hearing a lot more of.