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iPhone Today Very Cool Mod

ScreenShot1 Despite all the grief I get from WM cult members, I have been using iPhone Today on my Fuze for some months now. It’s a basic app launcher that you can load all of your favorites into and simply swipe (rather than the cumbersome WM press folder, back, etc.) to get the one you want.

As I noted in comments to a previous Christian Hughes post, I learned from LCBoi that I could use Manila Today Page (MTP) to assign a TF3D slider tab to iPhone Today. So I just press the slider tab and voila, I’m in iPhone Today. The only problem was that I had to use either MTP’s Today slider tab or a slider tab that I’ wasn’t using (at present, the Messaging slider icon). It is totally functional, but it isn’t aesthetically pleasing (and just plan wrong for someone who likes his Fuze just so) to have a slider tab that doesn’t express its precise purpose.

Okay, sorry for the long-winded introduction, but now the reward for your patience. bbonzz has developed a manila mod that actually creates an iPhone Today slider tab icon (see post #2079). Just unzip the file and copy over to your /Windows directory, select Today in the MTP Configuration, check iPhone Today in the Items tab, reset, and you have a sporty little Apple tab icon in your slider. If you don’t use MTP and iT at present, just download and install each, set them up to your liking, and then install the files.

I have to add a personal note on this. I couldn’t get the Apple slider tab icon to appear, so I PM’d bbonzz (an Italian fellow as it turns out) and he “talked” me through the solution till it worked. Not only that, because his Apple tab icon doesn’t match my TF3D 2.5 slider icon set (compliments of Herg), bbonzz volunteered to make me one (see pic at right). Such generosity from across the world from someone who I don’t know and will never likely meet. Is this a great community–and technology–or what!

Bravo il mio amico (compliments of Google translate)!!