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iPhoneToday 0.2b (iPhone Clone Today)

If you’ve been looking for an iPhone-like interface to use on your phone should check out iPhoneToday. iPhoneToday is a today plugin so it can be used with the regular plugins if you are using the standard Windows home screen instead of TF3D, like; date, lock, messaging, etc… The fact that it works with those is pretty sweet in itself. But using it as a full screen standalone user interface is also wonderful.

It has nice big icons, a working calendar icon, and working notifications (so the email icon tells you how many unread emails there are for example). Plus, adding or removing programs from the interface is as easy as editing an xml file (which you just change in notepad). The app itself is a fairly small program so  it should run fast and be easy on your battery.

I would definitely recommend this app to anyone that would like to have the iPhone look and keep the customability of the Windows Mobile platform. Be sure to visit the iPhoneToday 0.2b thread and to say thanks to MiToNiOeS.

In order to get the size of the icons right and the links right you do have to do a little bit of manual labor to change an xml file. Complete instructions are in the XDA thread but here are links to my cabs to install the app along with my edited icon and settings xml files preset for a VGA phone (Touch Pro, Diamond or Fuze). The xml file can be easily adjusted to work for a Tilt or any other resolution phone by following these instructions.

Below is video and image.

Completely functional

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