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Iris 1.1.4 Released – More Stable and Scroll Support

A lot of you have probably tried TorchMobile’s Iris browser and certainly we’ve been following it and trying to help with some glitches that were unique to our devices. It scores a perfect 100 out of 100 on the Acid3 test (which is probably better than your desktop browser). We’ll there’s a new update to it and it’s got a decent amount of changes:

  • Fixes for zoom scale
  • Performance improvements in various areas
  • Fixes for some EUC-JP encoded sites, other encoding fixes
  • JavaScript fixes for some sites
  • Rendering artifacts fixed on some dynamic sites like Google Reader iPhone edition
  • All reported crashes fixed (potentially also the HTC Touch Pro/Diamond freezes some users still see)
  • Minor improvements to the key configuration for Smartphone Edition
  • Some additional registry keys to disable or override behavior, including backlight keep-awake, animations
  • Check box to disable automatic zoom to fit
  • WebFonts, resulting in “pixel perfect” Acid3 rendering
  • This fixes a lot of issues that people were concerned with but there’s one additional important update – the capacitive dpad can now be used as a zoom wheel. If you use SensorScroll I suggest turning it off when using Iris as they appear to conflict. Doug tested thhe latest version out (on some fancy ROM that I can’t keep up with because it changes daily) and said he went an entire day without a crash. So, as always, please share your findings and include whatever info you can if you have a totally stable experience or a crash. You should also know that each version gets faster than the previous version and it outperforms the other mobile browsers in rendering Java. There is a known bug with the scroll wheel in which it stops working but if you go back to your today screen then back to Iris it will work again (they are working to fix this).

    To download the latest release go to this link or open Iris and go to Page – Options –  Preferences and if you flick the page all the way up you’ll see a button ‘check for update’ and it will download the latest version.

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