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IRIS Mobile Browser Gets Update To 1.1.7

Here is another update from the fine folks at Torch Mobile! IRIS has got another update taking it to version 1.1.7. I have been testing it out for the last couple of minutes and it is a lot smoother and page loads seem to have improved as well. Check out the update:

Iris Browser 1.1.7 was released today.  Highlights include:

  • More configurability
    • Click-to-play Flash can be disabled from the registry
    • Text reflow can be enabled from the registry
  • Some crash fixes
  • Improvements to block zoom region identification and calculation
  • Much faster page loading due to new networking code
  • Various site compatibility fixes
  • Support more encodings for RSS
  • Scroll point is now preserved when going back
  • Touch Pro gesture pad sensor no longer disables when opening a dialog
  • Minor rendering improvements
  • Improved text layout and glyph spacing, including preliminary Thai support
  • Plenty of other small fixes!
    Some Screen Shot Goodness:


Hey is that our Forums? Looks pretty good huh? (I’m shameless, I know!) Head on over to Torch Mobile and Claim your right to IRIS Version 1.1.7 by CLICKING HERE

Thanks to Wordsmith9091 for the tip!