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Iris Web Browser Released (Out of Beta – Still Free)

Right off their blog:

It has been one year since our first public preview was released, and today we made Iris Browser 1.1.0 available for download!  There are many surprises waiting inside, including support for the Flash Lite ActiveX control, big performance gains, reduced memory usage, preliminary RSS and SVG support, the highest Acid3 score of any shipping mobile browser, and HTC accelerometer support.  Download a copy now, and we’ll update you with more of the new features and plans in the near future!

If you’ve never used Iris it uses WebKit which is the same engine as the iPhone’s Safari browser. It is very fast (in fact I use it as my TF3D default). Sites tend to load in an iPhony way too and have the nice little arrows and things that iPhone users see. It did score highest in the Acid test meaning that it is rendering websites nearly flawlessly. Last time we asked a mere 1% of you used it as your primary browser so let’s see if that changes. So if you haven’t tried it give it a go here.