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Is Apple’s Smart Cover all it’s “cracked” up to be?

I have been a huge advocate for protecting your device with a case and screen cover for years. Hence when the iPad 2 was released I went ahead and bought the Apple Smart Cover. Given a choice at the time of release between other case options, I would have certainly passed on it. I tested it and reported during my review of the iPad 2 that it was very innovative, but even with the utmost care putting it in my backpack which is padded, I still managed to scrape the back of it. I was not happy, and having received a few other cases since, the Apple Smart Cover has been parked ever since.

But if you are currently sporting the Apple Smart Cover and want to see just how strong it is and know how much protection you can count on it during a fall, here is a video to prove things once in for all. Basically from a hip high perfectly flat drop, the Smart Cover will in fact protect your device. Anything higher than that as the video demonstrates, the Smart Cover comes loose exposing the screen and it’s certain near future demise upon impact.

via: Cult of Mac

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