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Is Intel Set to Reinvent The Term “PocketPC” With Medfield and Windows 8?

There’s a lot of talk about the new Android powered phone that is headed to India from Lenovo which will be packing a Medfield (x86 SOC). This is Intel’s chance to get into the mobile market and having Android as a partner makes things easier. But what happens when they take things a step further and throw Windows 8 on that sucker? I don’t mean Windows Phone 8 – but the desktop/Metro OS (for x86, not ARM). So we’re talking about something the size of a phone but bearing a Metro UI when in your pocket but more importantly hook that bad boy up to a monitor via HDMI or wirelessly and your entire computer (a desktop OS) is on you at all times. It’s more a question of docking than anything. Of course, this can go in a tablet as well but the notion of having this much power in your pocket is still somewhat mindboggling to me. Go to the office and dock it. Come home and the same computer gets docked and you keep going. It’s just a question of monitors/docks and not multiple computers.

These things are set to hit 2ghz and can change the way we all own and use computers. It can handle 1080p playback at 30fps. It has some advantages and some disadvantages over ARM chips, just like any two ARM chips relative to each other. But I’m still drawn to the possibility of carrying a full PC on me at all times, just waiting for a big screen to be unleashed…and quite frankly Metro may be just fine even on a smaller 5” screen.

Let’s do this.