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Is the era of the iPod over?

So, my 60 gig iPod “Classic” was stolen out of my car recently. Sure, I left the door unlocked, but it was sitting in my driveway. I don’t live in a shady part of town. Once the wife got knocked up with twins (yeah, I shot two past the goalie), I sold my soul and moved to the ‘burbs. It was probably some teenage kid down the street, which is why I installed extremely bright motion-detecting lights over my garage. I take some satisfaction knowing that some douchebag now owns an iPod that has “Eric Rulz” (it was a gift) engraved on the back and is filled with a lot of weird music. But that’s neither here nor there. What’s important is that, while I was pissed off at first, I didn’t exactly miss the thing. iPods are a pain in the ass. Manually hooking them up to bloatware like iTunes is beyond a waste of time. I know there are easier ways of transferring music than with iTunes, but all of them still kind of suck. I tended to listen to the same damn music over and over because I dreaded the whole process of refreshing my music and waiting and waiting while iTunes “sync’d” my new music. I feel sorry for iPod users now that my Nexus One has Dropbox. I drag music into my Dropbox folder, and it syncs up to the Android client on my phone. By the time I open the app the music is already there, and I can stream it. Instantly. Granted, I need some sort of mobile signal, but I have yet to fire up my tunes in an area where I couldn’t even eke out a text. So, with Apple’s big announcement tomorrow about the new generation of iPods, I can’t help but wonder who the hell needs these things anymore? The iPhone I can almost understand, since it can, you know, ostensibly make calls and such, but the iPod just seems so anachronistic at this point. When even our moms have Smartphones, iPods don’t exactly represent the future of music on the go, you know? Do you plan on watching Steve Jobs snow you with double-speak about how listening to music on a 1.7 inch screen will make it sound so much better?