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Is This All A Controlled Marketing Rollout?

Who’s up for conspiracy theories? OK, last week we see a series of new Windows Phone 7 devices get leaked. Today we learn a lot more about Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7. That will continue through this week. Raise your hand if you think that MS is doing an Apple style rollout here? This is where they start to get the mainstream media’s attention and that means pedal has to stay engaged until launch. In practical terms, I’m betting that within a week the devs will get updated dev tools that will be final and within a week of that MS will allow submissions into marketplace. That’s when the dates will get announced…and then the device rollouts happen with actual final hardware being shown off. With each device and each new carrier they keep the headlines week after week until you can pick one up.

So, am I right? Is this MS marketing getting into stride or is this an isolated incident and we’re weeks away from anything that will catch the mainstream media’s attention?

For the record, MSNBC already picked up Gizmodo’s story, but remembers what the MS stands for.