Who’s up for conspiracy theories? OK, last week we see a series of new Windows Phone 7 devices get leaked. Today we learn a lot more about Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7. That will continue through this week. Raise your hand if you think that MS is doing an Apple style rollout here? This is where they start to get the mainstream media’s attention and that means pedal has to stay engaged until launch. In practical terms, I’m betting that within a week the devs will get updated dev tools that will be final and within a week of that MS will allow submissions into marketplace. That’s when the dates will get announced…and then the device rollouts happen with actual final hardware being shown off. With each device and each new carrier they keep the headlines week after week until you can pick one up.

So, am I right? Is this MS marketing getting into stride or is this an isolated incident and we’re weeks away from anything that will catch the mainstream media’s attention?

For the record, MSNBC already picked up Gizmodo’s story, but remembers what the MS stands for.


  1. Yeap, definitely a marketing rollout. It was actually mentioned by Joe Belfiore in an interview when asked “has the excitement faded due to the long wait time for WP7”. He mentioned that the excitement is dormant and that as new devices appear and more news comes to surface before the launch, people will get excited again. I, for once, am very excited about WP7 prospects.

  2. It was always Microsoft’s strategy to roll out updates and information every month leading up to the launch of the platform. They wisely resisted throwing every single item out there earlier in the year despite being pressured to do so. Well played Microsoft.

  3. I am worried about the 1st gen thing as well. However, they do seem to be pushing the idea of updates which should take us through WP8 (I hope). The hardware is going to be pretty beefy and aside from 2 core chips and even bigger screens, I will be happy with something better than my Fuze.

  4. You’re writing articles about conspiracy theories and yet they call me crazy. Of course it’s a media roll out. Probably not as “planned” as you imagine though. Tech companies work through the ever changing and elusive “nondisclosure agreement”. Dev’s are forbidden to talk about a lot of stuff they learn about until a certain time period. Set those time periods to expire on a given date that you want the information to be leaked and I bet you money those guys’ lips are flapping in the wind like a cheap prostitute.

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