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Is This Sprint iPhone 5 Exclusivity Rumor Total Excrement?

iphone-5-sprintBy now you have all probably heard the BGR exclusive stating that the iPhone 5 will be launched to Sprint first and then to AT&T and Verizon, who already have an iPhone program with Apple, in 1st quarter 2012. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Sprint has agreed to pay Apple 20 Billion Dollars over the next 4 years for an iPhone deal. This is a deal where Sprint has to make the program work until 2014 to even start seeing any money from their partnership with Apple. That alone is an incredible risk on Sprints part, but what the WSJ did not report is what BGR is speculating that could make this deal a little sweeter to Sprint, but smell like excrement to the rest of us.

What BGR is speculating is that Sprint’s 20 Billion is also buying them an exclusive on the iPhone 5 for 2 months. Sprint would launch it shortly after the announcement tomorrow, and then Verizon and AT&T, you remember them, the two larger wireless carriers that sell a metric excrement pile of iPhones would get it 1st quarter 2012. What version of the iPhone the two carriers would get, would be a revised version of the iPhone 4, called the iPhone 4S at launch. Stating that this version would have the A5 CPU, hopped up cameras, NFC, and a different back case. The iPhone 5 that would go to Sprint would have the larger 4 inch screen, faster CPU, more memory, and even some exclusive software.

I learned from and early age that money talks and excrement walks, but this deal smells bad no matter how much money is tied to it. We have been talking about it all day, let’s see what all you think. Drop a comment.