Number cruncher Canalys dished out the Q3 smartphone US shipment share with Apple leapfrogging RIM at 26.2% to 24.2% respectively, versus Q2 with RIM at 32% to Apple’s 21.7%, a 6% dive for Blackberries in only three months putting them in third place (you know who at 43.6%, you also know who now at 3%). RIM ducked below Apple worldwide as well.

You’d think with all those AT&T Blackberry Torch ads RIM would have nothing to worry about.

Doug Simmons


  1. Wow, your inability to report anything without somehow trying to reaffirm your love to Goggle is borderline pathetic at this point. I hope you don’t do the same with your wife. “Honey, you’re so beautiful and _____ is so ugly.” “I’m so happy to be with you and not ____.” If you have to constantly criticize something to justify something else, maybe you’re not being honest with yourself.

  2. That’s a whole lot of insight into my soul, psyche, character and relationship with my wife to draw from my bringing up Google too much on a blog. Months worth of psychoanalysis right there with no couch or bills involved.

    By the way, keep letting loose, no lines to cross here exist with regard to mixing in wives into insults, however constructive — totally cool yss.

  3. Sorry if you’re so sensitive. The only insult was saying you’re post are pathetic. No one is talking about Windows Mobile, so who cares if it’s at 3%? You just like to whine. Whine about MS. Whine about your colleagues post. Whine about comments. You hate MS? Good for you. You just don’t have to come across like a crybaby though.

  4. i guess its safe to say that blackberry’s “torch” isnt exactly lighting the way for them… sorry, i had to say it.

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