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One Week Until Windows Phone – I’m Prepping

Now that the Windows Phone ads are on 24/7 (Really?) all I can do is count down the hours (and harass the AT&T employees to see if the shipment is in yet to preemptively try to get one early). But in the meanwhile I’ve taken a few simple steps to be ready on day 1. First off, I checked my Windows Live ID – all good, I didn’t forget my password. I then integrated my wife’s Facebook account with it (hey I don’t have my own Facebook account so I’ll stalk her friends for now). If you haven’t done with, just go to, login with your Live ID and then go to ‘connect services’ and add the login info as needed. Next I downloaded the latest Zune software to my PC (well I had it on one PC but I want it everywhere so I can browse for new apps/music wherever I go). I also logged into Zune with my Live ID. And finally, I got myself a memory card. Just checked the Amazon link for the Focus and it states “Memory expansion via microSD card slot with support for optional cards up to 32 GB”. Now I know that Charlie Kindel is warning against changing SD cards because the ones in the device are approved by MS and third party ones can be buggy, but I figure if I get a class 4 card from a legit manufacturer I’ll be fine so I went with the Kensington 32gb class 4 for $100 (free shipping too). I ordered it yesterday and since they’re in NY and I am too I should get it within a few days. I’ll tell you how that works out when I have a Focus in hand.

So, what are you doing to prepare? Any plans on going with a larger SD card or are you guys waiting for the guinea pigs like me to test it out first?