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Is Windows Phone being discriminated against?

Being a Christian, Caucasian, American male, I have not dealt directly with discrimination in most any facet of my life. But it is a big issue that deservedly garners lots of attention, especially in North America and Western Europe. Diversity is the buzz word with most every ethnicity being represented in television and print advertising, multi lingual packaging and voting ballots, etc. Everything to make everyone feel welcome, and equal.

So why is that the corporate world has no problem limiting (discriminating against) those that can benefit from their mobile services. Macs have always been included in PC discussions despite their consistently insignificant market share. Why not Smartphones, which have virtually become an extension of millions of users hands (or voice, or face, depending on how you use your device). Seriously, porting over an existing mobile app from another platform to Windows Phone is not brain surgery. And certainty does not require shareholder approval to launch the initiative.

While I don’t want to accuse the corporate world of intentionally discriminating against Windows Phone, I would suggest that neglecting the platform shows some insensitivity to a good number of their customers. And that they are out of touch with the mobile landscape. So here is a suggestion. The next time you send a snailmail letter or email to a corporate entity asking why they don’t offer a Windows Phone app, make sure you drop in the “D” words, discrimination and diversity. More than once if possibly. Most likely, the emails will be flagged to go to the Director of Diversity Services, and who knows what may happen. My bet is a few dozen of these messages would have more clout than all the wining and dining Microsoft and Nokia may pour over these corporate types. Hey, it certainly can’t hurt.