imageLooks like there is more evidence that Windows Phone apps will run on Windows 8. In mscorlib.dll  NaiveUser  found the following code:

// System.CompatibilitySwitches public static bool IsAppEarlierThanWindowsPhone8 { [TargetedPatchingOptOut("Performance critical to inline across NGen image boundaries")] get { return false; } }

// System.ObjectDisposedException [__DynamicallyInvokable] public string ObjectName { [__DynamicallyInvokable] get { if (this.objectName == null && !CompatibilitySwitches.IsAppEarlierThanWindowsPhone8) { return string.Empty; } return this.objectName; } }

Why would that matter? Because apps earlier than Windows Phone 8 (you know, Windows phone 7 and 7.5) are written in XNA and Silverlight. Apps written for Windows Phone 8 are likely to have some variant of WinRT since WP8 is likely to have an NT core but this is speculation. Regardless, if Windows 8 is looking to the type and timing of Windows Phone apps that’s likely because it’s capable of running those apps.  Any devs getting excited?

via Jose Fajardo


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