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iSiege: Nuclear Option Now Available on iPad, iPhone and Android

A game with Nuclear in the title? Has to be good right? The PR claims it’s a hybrid artillery/strategy game and it looks like a lot of fun to me. Price is $1.99 and it reminds me of another game who’s name just slips my mind right now. The graphics are comical looking but that’s the point I think. Still it looks good.

PewPew Entertainment is proud to announce the release of their new game, iSiege: Nuclear Option, now available on the iPad, iPhone and Android phones. The game, which is a hybrid artillery / strategy game, provides a fast-paced, action-packed experience, complete with a very stylized, colorful look. iSiege: Nuclear Option features single player, wifi multiplayer and pass n’ play modes with several difficulty levels.

Players take turns unleashing troops, tanks, missiles and artillery, attempting to destroy the opposing side. Strategy and planning are essential factors in the gameplay, forcing the players to think ahead and utilize their available countermeasures. Players must also think fast; there is a timer that limits how long you have to make a decision. This keeps the game moving at a quick pace.

The game connects to Game Center, which allows the player to earn achievements, score bonuses and unlock challenges by successfully landing combo attacks, destroying enemy forces and unleashing nuclear strikes. The game keeps track of the player’s accuracy percentage, win-loss record and allows the player to compare their score with friends. Due to the various play modes and difficulty levels, iSiege: Nuclear Option offers countless hours of fun and entertainment.

The app, available for only $1.99, is available now on the Apple App Store and Android Market.