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Samsung Continues Dominance Among Android OEMs

Daily I try to check around to get a micro snapshot of the important smartphone market. Amazon’s best seller list (updated hourly) is one of the places I rely on to give an indication of a device’s sales appeal. Since the launch of the HTC One I’ve noticed that although highly acclaimed by every reviewer who has had the pleasure of putting the phone through its paces the phone cannot seem to crack the monopoly Samsung has on sales.

I’ve never seen any carrier version of the HTC One rise higher than number 5 on Amazon’s best seller list. Compare that with the Samsung Note II, Galaxy S3 and most recently the Galaxy S4 rotating at the top and its clear Samsung sales are humming along and the vast majority of the profit and sales rests with them. For even more perspective Samsung currently has 16 of the top 20 best selling phones at the moment on Amazon.