Daily I try to check around to get a micro snapshot of the important smartphone market. Amazon’s best seller list (updated hourly) is one of the places I rely on to give an indication of a device’s sales appeal. Since the launch of the HTC One I’ve noticed that although highly acclaimed by every reviewer who has had the pleasure of putting the phone through its paces the phone cannot seem to crack the monopoly Samsung has on sales.

I’ve never seen any carrier version of the HTC One rise higher than number 5 on Amazon’s best seller list. Compare that with the Samsung Note II, Galaxy S3 and most recently the Galaxy S4 rotating at the top and its clear Samsung sales are humming along and the vast majority of the profit and sales rests with them. For even more perspective Samsung currently has 16 of the top 20 best selling phones at the moment on Amazon.


  1. You got it brother. And that’s why Google should be scared of Samsung, which of course our resident Google Marketer won’t accept. :)

  2. To make matters even worse The Verge is running a story of marketing and product strategy executives leaving HTC in rapid succession. Google doesn’t scare me but Samsung sure as heck does.

  3. I saw that verge article. Stuff like that bothers me. Stirring up people emotions, and trying to alter their opinions with junk to get readers.

    But with that said, they mentioned one thing that stood out… HTC is losing by trying to gain ground with android. Which is EXACTLY why Nokia went the direction they did. And it would be wise if HTC did the same. Wont make a huge dent right now, but they’re allegiance to android isn’t doing much for them right now.

  4. Well, HTC deserves it. If it were not for Microsoft and HP/Compaq and other Windows Mobile Phone OEMs like Seimens (who used HTC Blue Angel), AudioVox, DoPod etc. HTC wouldn’t be existing. They were the first ones to ditch Microsoft and its partners and join OHA. They started Microsoft as second rated and raped Windows Mobile and called SnapView with HTC Shift and totall made it as useless. Anyway HTC did this to itself. None to blame. Motorola, which is own OEM b*tch of Google didn’t join OHA on day one and forget about Samsung. If it were not Verizon’s Droid line, no Android phone wouldn’t have seen light this much at least in US.

  5. Windows Phone is going downstream which is good for market share. People are also underestimating how much value having a suitable flagship on Verizon helps.

    HTC needs to put everything into the One. Bring the One Mini downstream as an extremely affordable device for other markets and push that brand for a full year. They have ADHD but don’t have Samsung’s marketing muscle.

    Last night I saw new WP lumia & Samsung GS4 commercials. They are dueling and capturing mindshare. The One is sitting in stores looking pretty.

  6. Yeah, but I’ve actually been seeing HTC One TV spots too.
    “The phone that’s everything your phone isn’t”…?

  7. That is interesting Sean I haven’t seen any specifically for the HTC One though I have seen carrier commercials who use the HTC One as placeholders while they ramble on about data and being set free.

  8. Good links Sean. I do remember seeing a couple of the 2nd link provided. The one where it emphasizes BlinkFeed.

    Its just that there is an overwhelming and constant amount of GS4/Lumia commercials on and usually back to back dueling involved that they are getting so much more play.

    Actually i’ve seen both the last two commercials linked. The fact i’d completely forgotten about it is alarming.

    My previous 5 phones have all been HTC. I enjoy their designs a lot. My only complaint has always been their lack of support after i’ve bought devices.

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