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Juice Factory Dev Releases Bobble Biker For WP7

Juice Factory is a great game for Windows Phones and the developer is back with another free title that’s going to take off. It’s called Bobble Biker and it’s a bike racing game with a twist – you have to make sure your players head doesn’t fall of:

What is Bobble Biker ?

Bobble Biker, from the makers of Juice Factory, is a casual racing game for all ages. How fast can you get your bobble-headed biker through the bumps, jumps and hazards of the obstacle courses? Touch the screen to go, and tilt the phone to lean. But watch out – if you knock your biker’s head off you’ll have to start over! Earn cash with each finish to unlock powerful bike upgrades and cool new bikers. Be awesome and you’ll get on the leaderboards so you can brag to your friends!
Create your own courses with the in-game editor. The best user submissions will be included in future races. New courses are downloaded on-the-fly, so new content is arriving all the time!

I‘ve played through the tutorial and the first few boards – it’s great. Definitely go download it.