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Jumpy Makes Its Way To Windows Phone 7

The ‘Jumpy’ type games are already a modern classic on touch screens so don’t be concerned – WP7 has it covered. Here’s a preview from ClawLabs of their version.They note:

Jumpy is a platform game that has been in development for the past month or so. While there is still a bit of work to do, we are excited about the progress and feel there is enough done for a short demo. There are still some in game features that remain to be implemented and a bunch of refinement to the graphics and sound effects, but the guts of the game are in place. In the end, we hope to take advantage of some of the platform’s sensors like the accelerometer and GPS to provide a richer experience, but until we get our hands on a physical device, we are confined to the emulator.

Here it is in action:

It’s a great start.