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Kinoma Play Skinned at Last!

For some of us that enjoy tweaking and skinning everything that’s on our devices and was a little board with the default Kinoma Play skins can now rejoice thanks to l3it3r of Mobility Digest and XDA Developers.

l3it3r has found the method needed to add new skins and is continuing down the path of a complete reskin. l3it3r will be creating a “how to” guide over the next couple of days after he experiments some more.


Now that the path to skinning Kinoma Play has been set, let the fun begin! Here are a few more screens from l3it3r latest work.



To see more of l3it3r work, check out his thread HERE and be sure to thank him for his awesome work. And of course we all no that MobileMatt is a big fan of Kinoma Play and skinning. Check out his skins HERE

Here are a couple screens of the MobileMatt skin;



Get Kinoma Play here;